Looking for a way to differentiate your business from the competition? Look no further than UpShow.



Trivia, Games, and Social TV


Get customers engaged, staying longer, and spending more as they enjoy a variety of games.   UPshow also gives you access to a wide range of social media-powered  channels for the teams and topics that matter most to your customers.  UPshow’s integration with the top internet TV provider  ( gives you access to leading channels such as FailArmy,  Wipeout, Fox Sports, News 24/7, KidsTV and much more.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 

 Whether or not you have $500+ to spend on hardware for trivia and games,  with UPshow, you don’t have to. Our interactive entertainment is easy  for customers to engage with via their own mobile device - they don’t  even have to download an app. Save money, and save your guests from  germy communal screens 


Effective Digital Signage

Imagine paper PoS, evolved. Showcase specials, new items, events and  more on your TVs. Upload existing signage, or create new material using  UPshow’s simple templates. UPshow’s platform has been shown to boost  sales of certain items promoted on-screen by 5%. 

Fully Customizable

 UPshow’s platform can be completely customized to your brand - colors,  style, logo, hashtags and more. Have something specific in mind? We’ll  do everything we can to help you out. We won’t leave you to your own  devices, or limit you to a tiny logo in the corner. Ultimately, your  customers will see this as “Your Brand TV” and think you’ve invested in  building out your own channel! 

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